Duckett Delivered II, On the Horns of the Bull


In remote Duckett County, Georgia, being “tetched” is normal since the gene selection comes from a blow-up wading pool. A buck is hard to come by, but the locals can be as resourceful as ticks on an armadillo. After all, upward mobility means moving from a single-wide to a double-wide.

When newcomer Jasmine Roseberry stumbles on the body part that the locals name “Elvis”, young Sheriff Todd “Fearless” McPherson ends up in the biggest pickle of his short career. The news vultures descend, and Todd’s deputies are making a muddle of things. Todd himself is having trouble keeping his head in the game because he has a biggy-sized crush on Jasmine Meanwhile, Jasmine is discovering that the numbers aren’t adding up at her new job.

Load up a floating cooler with Budweiser, hop on an inner tube, and prepare to laugh your way merrily down the river!

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