Th400 output shaft diameter

    10, ) Speedometer Scalars (We do not recommend that you manually adjust these values) GM versions have a 26 spline input shaft and most had a 32 spline TH400 output shaft (TH350 27 spline output shaft in 1982) and a 1" countershaft diameter. Bushing 4L80E,TH400 Rear Case fla Part # 34006-SP Reference # S34064BA Extra information The OE case bushing in vehicles with a THM-400 or 4L80-E transmission tends to walk out of the housing bore. TH350 TH400 700R4 4L60E 4L80E Auto Truck Item Dimensions, —, 9. The input spline for both the TH400 and the SM465 transmi ssions Tire Size: Tire Height measured in inches (NOTE: this is in inches regardless if metric units selected) Gear Ratio: Gear Ratio (eg: 2. STOCK SM465 2WD OUTPUT SHAFT 35 SPLINE $ 116. So very little side loading. ) This transmission is a complete ready to run unit (less converter) for high performance street and mild strip use. It can also be used to measure the inside and outside diameter of bushings and other components. 80 Powerglide planetary with TH400 output shaft. Jeep Th400 to an NP205 Adapter If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Engines that have 1200 + hp should be paired with our PRO-X™ input shafts. 875 inch outside diameter. 4L80, BAND FRONT 1. 88" and all Richmond Gear transmissions with a 32-spline output shaft. aligns the engine crankshaft and transmission output shaft axis with the center line of the chassis, like is the case with most pro-built cars and aftermarket subframes for 2nd-gen F-bodies (like DSE for example). This shaft must be shortened to a stickout length of 7. RPM drop than the wide ratio gear set. 10 rear end gears. Bottom prop shaft is TH400 or 4L80E type with 32-spline output shaft. It can be identified by "375-THM" cast into the tailhousing. This value is used to calculate the speed that is used for shift and TCC calculations. The NP241C is a direct swap with the NP208C in our trucks if A) it is passenger side drop, B) it is a 32 spline input, and C) it has a mechanical speedometer. 73, 3. That then brings us to the billet steel input shaft, manufactured of 300M steel, that’s a press-fit assembly installed into the forward drum. Planetary has to be used with a case machined for a TH400 output shaft. 88 Linkage Seal TH350 TH400 700R4 Transmission $10. On a TH400 (unless it has straight cut planetary gears) the planets will try to thrust load against the case bearing and the center support. The mainshaft pushes back against the rear internal gear (685) and the #22 thrust bearing assembly (686, 687, 688), which presses against the output shaft (691), until it’s finally stopped by the transmission case, at the output shaft-to-case thrust and selective washers (695, 696). 49, 1. It is widely regarded to be a supremely durable and legendary transmission. The item we have listed in this add is a Hughes Performance 1. Like I said it is not an amateur conversion. If you put a 40 tooth reluctor on the output shaft and run the corresponding pickup from an 80s/90s TPI car or TBI truck it should send the correct VSS signal to the PCM. 42, 3. I n 1985 to 1991 vehicles, GM started using a different version of the NP205. 886", 7. 3l, GT45, TH400. 28 2. The output spline on the TH400 is finer than the 27-spline shaft in the Powerglide, TH200-4R and the TH350, so a new 32-spline yoke would be needed for the driveshaft. The key to this transmission's and durability is the custom built Pro Mod Sprag assembly. Results 1 - 25 of 49 700R4 Transmissions · 4X4 Output Shafts · Bellhousing Adapter . Transmission mount might need to be moved if the transmission is the same length as the old one no moving will be needed only the proper mount will be required. Measure the diameter of the output shaft on the transmission. Locate Th400 Tail Housing on sale below with the biggest choice of Th400 Tail Housing anywhere online. 75 6L80E / 6L90E N/A 4. 73, 4. Sits right down on the shaft to plate radius no issue. According to Nichols, Hughes resurfaces each pump stator in every transmission build, which they consider a critical step in the process, as it Used Th350 and th400 transmissions turbo 350 and turbo for sale in ASHEVILLE - Th350 and th400 transmissions turbo 350 and turbo posted by Ezra Merrill in ASHEVILLE. Keep in mind though to swap to a TH400 the TCase has to be machined to account for the larger bearings on the input shaft, but a Th350 with the right output shaft and adapter would bolt right up. 95 / 1. This shaft is recommended for 1200 + horsepower applications. The bushing is walking out of the housing bore and pushing up against the seal. Use1350 for TH400 seal surface is 1. Fits all car and truck T-400 transmissions from 1964-1979. somewhere in the late 70s gm changed from the oval (figure 8) bolt pattern to the round bolt pattern. 36 There are a few different lenghts made, and the caddy ones do have a weep hole that I've seen some guys braze closed. 52-7450. ( a th400 truck transmission may of had a “bolt on” slip yoke, these transmissions can use a normal 5 1/2″ long th400 slip yoke – but will require that the internal splines are counterbored to allow proper slip yoke engagement. It may require a few light taps from a small hammer to get it moving, but it does not have an extremely tight fit on the shaft. The output shaft is 27 spline. GM 4L60E 4 Wheel Drive Transmission Output Shaft $ 81. 490" wide) image #037, 040 item #34037 Transmission and Transfer Case Yoke Size Chart We know that trying to determine which transmission yoke is best for you application can be a big challenge. Then the adapter from Off Road Design would bolt into the NP205 from It can be used to check inputor output-shaft endplay before and after the unit is assembled. 1mm (0. Drive-gear tooth count: The round drive gear fits over the trans output shaft and is usually retained by a snap ring, pin, or key. Once you input the proper value in the calibration, the speedo should work right. * Input Shaft machined from 300 Maraging. As we pointed out earlier, this is one of the most stressed parts of a TH400, with its shaft joining the forward clutch hub to the ring gear. The rubber mounts are different, so this would have to be changed, as well (GM number 22188496 is the newest version). What’s My Transmission & Slip Yoke? Transmission slip yokes are manufactured with several U-joint series, so it is important to choose the U-joint that matches your horsepower and torque requirements. Edited by arrimar, 18 April 2017 - 09:25 AM. These cases are equipped with a vacuum style shifter. There are also three 4WD tailshaft lengths: TH400 to NP203 = 1 3/8", 1. * Shaft to Drum Spline count has been increased from 30 to 35 splines for extra contact strength. 63 1. Outside diameter = 1. 60 Ratio Gearsets Available, Extra Strong 35 Spline Large Diameter Solid Alloy Input Shaft Available, changing tail shafts (TH350) transmission from short to long: How do you change the tail shafts from long to short on a th350 chev transmission. 00. 50 inches wide. Rear planetary setup. To install: Use extension housing seal installation tool J 21426 (5-speed) or J 39440 (6-speed) to evenly drive the new seal into the housing. i can leave my phone number also mahalo thanks can you let me know how to make this trans work for 2wd. I've heard the TH400 in 1973 only, is 3/4" longer because of the BH and spacer (see pic). 497" wide. Turn the output shaft so the speedometer drive gear retainer is facing up. Keep in mind when searching based on transmission model that some transmissions have several different output shaft spline counts, like the GM T5 27 spline and Ford T5 28 spline yoke. 52-7002. *th400 “long tail“, 4l80~4l80e and some gm transfer cases use this 32 spline slip yoke of varying lengths. The transmission has (apparently) failed. 7898") Outside Diameter 15. a TH400 are the most common and will bushing (th400 sun gear shaft and stator shaft) (4l80e overdrive sun gear 91-up / sun gear shaft no grooves 91-96) (1. These are GM automatic 3 speed transmissions, one is a buick turbo 400 and the other is a later model th350 with lockup converter functionality. Transmission / Transfer Case Slip Yoke; 32 Spline x 1. but in the OE jeep th400/d20 arrangement, the input gear to the d20 slides over a special sleeve that itself slides over the 32 spline th400 output shaft. 850 0. TH400 (3L80), 375, 3L80-HD(475). New, Used and OEM Automotive Parts - Large Inventory - Great Prices Gm Th400 Output Shaft 2wd For Bolr On Yoke 8-12 Long 32 One of the most popular drivetrain mods done to early Mustangs is to swap out the non-overdriven three- and four-speed transmissions with the later-model overdrive T-5 five-speed. A variant of the THM400 known as a THM375 is a THM400 with a mid length 27 spline output shaft that mates to the smaller THM350 27 spline drive shaft yoke. Replaces 2 1/2″ tailhousing, requires GM speed buffer (incl). 00 WIDE 400/425/4L80E 91-98 FRONT SERVO PISTON HAS . rollerized the forward hub and output shaft, and added an extra clutch to the forward and direct for 6 total in each The early SM465 and TH350 input shafts were male, smaller in diameter, and required an internally splined adapter to mate to the transmission output shaft. Now you need to machine the shaft to match the length of the output shaft on a (stock) TH400. 2 Pk Linkage Seal TH350 TH400 700R4 Transmission Shift Shaft $15. Probaly the only thing that will need to be changed is the length of your drive shaft. Use only in full size wagons and some Caddy's. GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 (TH400) 4WD 6. GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 (TH400) 4WD Short Output Shaft. Rear, TH400 Is used in TH400 center support-to-sun gear and is useful in adapting many size bearings The LONG shaft is rare. 88 Linkage Seal REMOVER / INSTALLER TH350 TH400 700R4 Selector Shaft Shift Lever $28. There are a few different lenghts made, and the caddy ones do have a weep hole that I've seen some guys braze closed. This box is used in most of our V8 swaps. 99 OEM TH400 Main Shaft anything except th400 is the 27 spline output shaft and yoke and all 700r4 are all the car manual trans are too th400 is the oddball 32 spline so as long as its not an 87-92 3L80HD in which is a th400 case with the 27 spline output, found in the light duty pickups these 6 years, they were tag code LJA and i have one sitting right now from an 87 TBI 305 pickup and we recently put on in a 74 The TH400 sun shaft is about 1. Always FAST & FREE USA SHIPPING! the cast iron ring are stock on the early th400, the spud shaft for lack of a better name rides in the t-case adapter it fits on the end of the tranny output shaft, then the bull gear for the dana 20 rides on this. If it sticks out too far then a spacer would be required for the DNE2. It is a small item, made of steel: Weight 14. While salespeople and also high-powered businessmen may like the difficulty of working out a great offer, the typical person usually discovers the process difficult and also exhausting. 875" Output Shaft. The seal has and OD of 2. Part numbers we've been able to locate: Another damn truck. 882"Material: Forged Chrome Moly (4140) Yoke to End. 00 0. There is also a TH400 that uses a TH350 slip yoke because it has a TH350 output sized shaft. For 1500+ hp use PRO-X™ ringless input shaft. {known as TH375} FYI. 700 inches. It's been a while since I've had a 400 apart, but I seem to remember the filter being able to "float" a little on a single retaining bolt. The sun gear and flange gear are set up large diameter input shaft. GM still sells the correct yoke, part number 14075214. The output shaft has 21 splines. (A tire sanity check value is provided alongside so you can check the trans tire size calibration against the speedo tire size calibration. scotty u asked me how many splines were on the th400 tail shaft, and there are 32. 378" Diameter; Seal Diameter 1. The drive gear is located on the transmission's output shaft. Transmission This adapter assembly is designed for exclusive use with the GM TH400 transmission, 2wd or 4wd version. e. The TH400 is longer that the B/W transmission so the drive shaft must be shortened. 00 Add to cart; 45RFE / 545RFE Billet Input Shaft, Made from billet 300M steel #299601 $ 725. $ 131. : 1. Here is a comparison of a stock 24” long, 28 spline output shaft and the new 24” long, 31 spline shaft: From the bearing boss back, the 31 spline output shaft (shown on the bottom) is quite a bit larger in diameter. Th th400 has a larger output shaft. This allows the bushing to wander into the extension housing, leaves the output shaft unsupported, and may ruin the governor gear and cause case damage. This shaft can be cut off shorter if you  Spline count, seal diameter and length will identify the slip yoke that is required 9080-114, GM, 32, 1. If you change from a TH350 to a TH400 you will have to change your drive shaft yoke and the cross member. But the TH400 uses a larger 32 spline output shaft and requires the larger yoke with a 1. 66 / 1. good luck and remember to get all GM parts next time. I have also done some research regarding converting from a TH400 to 700r4 in my truck and the torque converter lockup is used in the TH400 for the kickdown solenoid. Let’s say you have a car with a 3. 378x32 spline, Ø1. 52-7460. This method is purely calculations-based and you should always check your manufacturers specifications. And any side loading is better controlled by the TH400's generous center support bushing, probably 3" of length compared to not quite an inch on a TH350 in stock form or a little less than 2" in modded form. I've seen the brazed caddy ones last forever. 1. The TH400 is a GM three-speed automatic transmission, used in high-performance and high-torque applications. Automatic Transmission Parts parts in-stock with same-day shipping. With a TH350 or a TH400, your car would be turning about 3,000 rpm at 70 mph. You can identify the various M20, M21 and M22 transmissions by the input shaft. 11 product ratings - Turbo 400 TH400 Long Shaft Output Shaft. That's like having a 1rst gear that is 1/3 shorter. 9″ Actual) Uses 4×4 1″ stickout output shaft option of TH350 for shortest length TH350 for ultra short wheelbase or vehicles with tunnel clearance issues. We do not know if this is a part of the TH400, we could not find an exact match for it in the documentation (Ferrari manual 157/78 for this gearbox or the general TH400 documentation). As a note on this: the output shaft and bolt are interchangable with the bolt-on driveshaft yoke used on other TH400 units, but the tailshaft housing is not. Note, I can find no evidence that any TH400 HD 4wd cases ever had a K cast into them like the TH350's did. I have counted the splines twice and a 27 spline drivesleeve fits right on. com 6217 - 205th Street, Langley, BC. I need some help/guidance. The drive gear has 10 internal splines and a diameter of 1. 886 yoke barrel diameter  20 May 2014 “A car with a long driveshaft using an engine that turns high rpm's can get Rear End: 1350 U-Joint; TH400 / 1. the face of a t-case can be drilled for either its not just the input shaft spline but also the length of the out put of the transmission and adapter as to what will fit what. 625". Once you have entered those fields in click Submit. and to an inside diameter of 2. Ford AS1-T10 Type 3: Toyota all alloy oval case 5 speed has 9 bolts and 2 dowells holding the original bellhousing to the box and the diameter of the front shaft is 29mm with 21 splines and is 160mm long. Th or turbo refers to turbohydramatic, I think it's the company that makes them. 56 1. 700-R4 is 3" longer than the stock trans, and 2" longer than a TH400 described above. Output sticks out ~2-7/8” from the end of the transmission case: This is the only 4WD output shaft and basically works like a TH400 with the ~2-1/2” shaft . 0L 91 Oldsmobile Pontiac Willys Bentley 64-Up Ferrari 400GT Holden (Some) Jaguar V12 Rolls Royce Rear Wheel Drive REBUILDER KITS DELUXE MASTER LESS STEELS OVERHAUL GASKET & DESCRIPTION QTY. They have increased lubrication flow and strength. GM versions have a 26 spline input shaft and most had a 32 spline TH400 output shaft (TH350 27 spline output shaft in 1982) and a 1" countershaft diameter. 875 inch Spicer yoke (part number 2-3-10431X. This is because it is the longest shaft they make in them, and the only one that can work for this convesion. End Yoke - Splined Bore 1350 series, Strap Style, Ø1. Th400 Yoke If it has been some time because you have actually checked out any new automobiles, after that you may be in for a pleasurable surprise when you view the most recent technology. 94-01 4×4 1 ton dually extended and crew cab trucks, check tail length and yoke to confirm, provide axle ratio and tire size. Also used in 400 sun gear shaft 1964-UP, 4L80E 1990-96 sun gear shaft, & 1990-on overrun drum rear. This kit features a new 1 3/8-inch 32 spline rear output shaft, 356 T6 heat treated aluminum alloy tailhousing, new speedometer drive, shims, bearings, fastening hardware and detailed instructions. It's not as futuristic as George Jetson's trip that transforms right into a briefcase, however there are still some cool devices nowadays. Delta Transmission Shop nearby, said they can install the short tailshaft housing ,output shaft, speedometer driven gear. Typically, a driveshaft that’s longer than 43-inches is a good candidate for using a larger diameter tube or selecting a lighter weight material for the driveshaft. Shop Automatic Transmission Parts parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Theres no way you got a 400 type yoke in a 350 even with vaseline. Mark Williams explains, “A larger diameter shaft always has better critical speed properties which is why driveshafts are typically offered in multiple sizes. 150 0. With a 400, the shaft length will need to be about 48-48. Proven indestructible in track and street runs plus torture testing in the lab, Sonnax roller bearing slip yokes guarantee you the titanic strength and durability to run even the most extreme horsepower. 73:1 ring-and-pinion ratio and 27-inch diameter rear tires. 5 to 1. Answers. Trans Revs/Mile: The number of trans output shaft revolutions per mile. 135-140 lbs, a TH400 weighs 135 lbs, a TH350 weighs 125 lbs. 20. The TH400 was first introduced beginning in 1964, as it began to replace the Super Turbine 300 transmission, which was a 2 speed automatic. These are the only TH400 yokes we can guarantee to fit your transmission. Chevy 400s You can differentiate the Chevy TH400 from the Buick-Olds-Pontiac transmissions by its specific bell-housing bolt pattern and the fact that it only came with 4-inch/small-yoke or 9-inch/large yoke tail-shafts. 36 TIMKEN 9449 REAR OUTPUT SEAL for GM TH-400 Automatic Transmission with 32 Spline Output. You can be assured that you will not have the problems associated with porosity and misalignment from poor castings or inferior machining as with other cases. 885 hub diameter. new southwest speed 32 spline driveshaft slip yoke, accepts 1330 series u-joints, gm turbo 400 t-400 th-400 richmond super t-10 4 speed muncie m21 m22 rockcrusher doug nash jerico 4l80e borg warner I picked up a core 4wd TH400 with the tall CUCV style 208 adapter. Slide the speedometer drive gear off the tail shaft. Please compare to your existing seal and bushing as sizes will vary on the TH400. or, count the splines along one edge of the gear. $79. * Drum is machined from solid 4140 HTSR steel. Turbo converter splines. Oil feeds the bushing through a passage and hole in the shaft journal. Make sure the tool only contacts the outer metal portion of the seal. OUTPUT SHAFT, 9" (TH400) (threaded bolt on yoke type) (USED) img#678 Item #U34678E I am not 100% clear on the exact role of this assembly, perhaps this is to absorb the vibrations when the speedometer gear rotates with the output shaft of the gearbox. Outside diameter roughly = 1. Spicer 3-3-01646X Code: SPI-3-3-01646X GM 4WD TH400 Output Shaft (2. th400 is 32 spline. 9", 6. The drain plug is parallel with ground and the front shaft is 190mm long. The major difference of the 4L80E is that the transmission index diameter is different than the TH400. tcsproducts. Drive Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, street rod and towing All but the original 55-57 trans have a 27 spline output shaft. 250" and a "Texas-shaped" oil pan underneath it. TH400(M40) 3L80 TH375 - TH475 3L80HD 83 TH400/475 13 Bolt Pan 34661 64-67 13 Bolt Pan 34661A 67-Up Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chevrolet & GMC Trucks Vans G10 w/5. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GM TH400 TURBO 400 Long Tailshaft Housing 2WD TAIL #8626142 Large Diameter Yoke at the best online prices at eBay! 4l80e 2wd Tail Housing Output Shaft 1991-1996 Mt1 Transmission Gm Rebuilt Gm Th400 Turbo 400 Long Tailshaft Housing 2wd Tail 8626142 Large Diameter Yoke I am not 100% clear on the exact role of this assembly, perhaps this is to absorb the vibrations when the speedometer gear rotates with the output shaft of the gearbox. 040" OD (Req. Th400 Getting an automobile could be intimidating, especially if you have actually never ever gotten one before. Gaskets and Rubber Components Gear Sets Governor Support/Rear Pump and Components High Clutch Drum and Components Input Shaft Metal Clad Seals Miscellaneous Items Modulator Oil Pans-Filter Adapters and Extensions Pumps and Pump Components Rebuilding Kits Reverse Clutch Components Sealing Rings Servo Pistons Covers Front to Rear Planetary. any help would be much appreciated thanks allen 83cj7 see bio BlownZ's Turbo 400 Build Sheet. The th400 output shaft is 32 splines and the Dana 300 input shaft is 23 splines. jack vines TH400 compared to the 4L80 pump bushing, TH400, 4L, Different grooving. 5. Spline count, seal diameter and length will identify the slip yoke that is required for your transmission. The Pro-X Ringless design input shaft 890-749603 contains a special bushing to replace load-limiting internal rings, that enlarges the shaft diameter for increased strength. 675 Inch forgot to mention besides the length on the driveshaft you need a yoke for the trans output the trans output yoke on the th400 is different from the 200-4r , the 200-4r uses the small diameter yoke and shaft spline as the th350 and 700r4, the th400 yoke is larger and is same as the BW4spd PG Vasco Steel Turbo Spline‚ Fat Shaft, 1. drive shaft yoke spline count/diameter and general size), 200-4Rs are often a 30-spline input shaft similar to those found on TH400 transmissions and   T10, TH400, 1310 Yoke U-Joint Series, 32 and 1 master Spline Count, 1. 5", Counterbore, Forged Chromoly, TH400 If counting the transmission output shaft, it will always have the correct count and  21 Oct 2016 The TH400 and 4L80E have been around for a long time, and these units thrust bearing and the output shaft-to-case thrust and selective washers. If yours is very old, foreign, unusual or a limited-production custom, we will need to know the output shaft diameter, tooth count, seal inside diameter, and spline length to fill your order. The key to this transmission's and durability is teh custom built Pro Mod Sprag assembly. Engine RPM = 5250. With these components installed, your driveline will be purposely configured with compound U-joint angles, due to the centered bushing (th400 sun gear shaft and stator shaft) (4l80e overdrive sun gear 91-up / sun gear shaft no grooves 91-96) (1. The rear transmission support will now be located on the new adapter housing or, in some cases, on the transfer case. If you are not certain then we suggest measuring the diameter and counting the splines. 35, 1. This is one of those projects that I have been putting off for a long time, but I should have done it a long time ago because it was really easy. . TH400 Turbo 400. A resized diameter provides optimum stress distribution along entire length of shaft along with extended high-gear splines to the oil ring. You need a bit more than that in order to compete against a manual gearbox, but that's more than acceptable. Rock-Solid Reliability for Extreme Racing in Powerglide and TH400 Applications. However, you will need to measure your car from the end of the output shaft the center line of the u-joint cap on the diff and speak with driveshaft shop to make sure you have the right length. This shaft has a larger outside diameter than the OEM shaft and requires the use of APG-28154SBS Stator Support‚ Large Bore. 125” (54. This assembly is on auto gearboxes for the 400 and the 400i first series, not on auto gearboxes for the 400 second series or 412 which seem to have a different speedometer gear. 0mm) and an outside diameter of  5 May 2005 Our new plan was to use the factory TH400-to-NP203 output shaft in the Different input-shaft diameters in male or female varieties, left or right  Transmission Applications: Fits various 30 spline output shafts for Dodge . Find great deals on eBay for turbo 400 shaft. Look online for references to output shaft variations rather than drive gears. The TH400 is an automatic shift, three-speed, longitudinally positioned transmission. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I don't want this project to get complicated so I'd prefer to go the route that is completely bolt up. Note: If the transmission came out of a pick–up or Hilux it will have a 160mm long front shaft and requires a different length bellhousing. How to fix a leak around the shift shaft on your TH400 / TH350 Chevrolet automatic transmission. 670. 80 Planetary with TH400 Output Shaft for sale in Hopkinsville, KY, Price: $850 BlownZ's Turbo 400 Build Sheet. This may cause clearance issues possibly making it impossible to bolt up. torque output in 75 Bushing, Outer Shaft Support 76 Output Shaft 77 Thrust Washer, Output Shaft to Case TH400 (3L80), 375, 3L80-HD(475) Performance Transmission Products RWD 3 SPEED Page 2 Since 1963 Call: 604-533-8675 Toll Free: 1-800-960-1177 www. 57, 1. Note: The mounting pad is usually a part of the extension housing, but the graphic shows it on the maine case. Converter weights will be similar for a given combination with the same size converter. Depending on the application for the TH400, you will to have the driveshaft shortened, as well. How to use with Offroad Design 203/205 doubler: Use TH400/NP208 or TH400/NP241 adapter. 4L on the output shaft journal. h. Transmissions TH400: I have a 1991 TH400 that stopped working. Passenger side drops NP241s are only found in straight axle GM vehicles from 1988 (I've heard some information saying it actually started in 1989) until 1991. 25 WIDE 4L80E 99-UP FRONT SERVO PISTON HAS . Since you may have selective shims available to set the shaft endplay, it’s preferable to be able to measure all components accurately. A 4L60E weighs approx. The quick junkyard spotter’s way of identification is to look for the small, round, three-bolt cover in the middle of the back of the case between the output shaft and front output gear cover plate. 08, 3. 12”, 9. Our Stage 2 TH400 includes all the components in the Stage 1 rebuild but is upgraded to a 34 element sprag and the corresponding direct drum, 6 clutch direct with carbon based frictions, 4 clutch intermediate, manual/automatic valve body or forward pattern full manual upon request. Page 2. In rear-wheel drive vehicles, there is also a transmission extension housing seal around the driveshaft and transmission output shaft. Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. 48 1. 122" od x . This adapter kit is designed for exclusive use with the GM TH400 automatic transmission in 4wd output of 2. requires strap style retainers, 1330 series universal joint (3 5/8"span x 1 1/16"cap). 273 diameter shaft gm cadillac 4l80e 4l85e transmission parts: Is the output shaft diameter/spline count on the e4od the same as the c6? If the pattern and output shafts match up, then I need to make sure that the amount the shaft sticks out the back of the trans would allow for the DNE2 to mount flush with the back of the trans. 008" inside diameter X . This kit also is designed for the 1979 to 1985 1-ton truck with a TH400 transmission. That end play is adjusted with a selective-thickness snap ring, which should cure any apparent slop in the output shaft. TH 400 Output Shaft Short 4X4 Short 6”, 32 Spline, Shaft looks like new, OEM ,Output Shaft sticks out 1 3/8" from the end of the transmission case (Extension Housing). Drill/tap six bolt transfer case pattern into face of NP203, plug up stock holes and make a tab to hold down the idler shaft. 515 oz) Overall length 20. 400, carrier output silencer ring th400 band front 1. So for using a TH400 with an M6 calibration, you simply put 40 pulses per mile on your speedo settings. You can see this bushing uses up pretty much all of the shaft journal. i need this spud shaft the whole setup came out of a wagoneer. 86 Linkage Seal REMOVER / INSTALLER & SEAL TH350 TH400 700R4 Selector Shaft Shift $33. Input Shafts. 490" wide) image #037, 040 item #34037 CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. TCI® has made some design changes in our hardened input shafts for better performance and reliability. Engines producing over 800 horsepower need VASCO 300 for maximum performance. 1 - This is a retrofit gear to allow the speedometer to function with 3. I forgot to mention that the jeep rear out put must be changed to a short shaft from a Chevy TH400. The siphon tube section of the filter that plugs into the case has a sleeve-shaped rubber seal with ridges on it, so the filer doesn't have to be rigidly held into place. The tranny is then connected to a gear splitter/aux gearbox thing that replaces the output shaft of the tranny. This planetary is designed for very high horsepower set-ups. Like the TH400, the 4L80E has a 32 spline output shaft. 253 DIAMETER SHAFT GM Cadillac 4L80E 4L85E Transmission Parts With a 1800 stall converter, the actual flash speed would be 1200, so 3600 rpm on the output shaft of the engine would mean 2400 rpm (3600-1200) after the converter. Performance Slip Yokes Quality & Engineering You Can Trust. 530 1. 5945") If you put a 40 tooth reluctor on the output shaft and run the corresponding pickup from an 80s/90s TPI car or TBI truck it should send the correct VSS signal to the PCM. [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Stage 2″] Stage 2 TH400 – 750 HP/TQ capable. Choose from bushing and roller bearing yokes for dozens of popular applications, every one optimized to drive power smoothly and reliably from transmission to driveshaft. yeslike the other answers the TH400 is a stronger transmission in stock formalso FYI it takes 26 HP to drive the pump in the 400 and 19 HP in the 350. Great way to keep your shop floors dry and clean during driveshaft and transmission replacements. 885 inches spline is 1. Input shaft is manufactured from proprietary steel billet material. This 700r4 bolts directly to the transfer case, would all I need is a tail shaft housing from a car to make this usable on a car? or does it require a new output shaft as well? TH400 style stator tube assembly with a far superior strength than normal power glide diameter stator tube . various 32 spline transmission including Turbo 400 (TH400), Muncie and Auto Gear M20, 31 spline transmissions and transfer requiring 1. 300M Output Shaft for the 4WD 700R4 Transmissions (OUT OF STOCK) Read more; 34910S-01 TH400 Transmission, Heavy-Duty Stator Support Shaft $ 58. One or more rubber O-rings seal the joint between drum and shaft. The later SM465 and TH400 input shafts were female. 70 700R4 1. Look at a heavy duty/industrial spline, it has square drive edges so that there is little or no load induced expansion of the yoke. This new case gives dramatic strength increase over the standard sized powerglide output shaft and has a high performance bronze bushing. The shaft's full cooler circuit flow has been reengineered to improve the torque converter function, making it more efficient, with better lubrication, resulting in If you have a threaded output shaft or you do not know for certain that one of our other TH400 yokes will fit, then we will strongly encourage you to choose our 1350 series TH400 part number: N3-3-2431X or the chromoly option NT3-3-2431CBHP. Ford Transmission Dimensions Dimension "C" is the distance from the bellhousing to the center of the transmission mounting pad. This is for all intents and purposes a HD or "K" case. The TH400 is about 0. While the Borg Warner 34 element sprag is rated to 850 HP, the Pro Mod Sprag is designed to withstand 2000HP. Vasco steel input shaft; fits all planetary sets. This causes the output carrier and output shaft to turn clockwise in a reduction ratio of approximately 1. It is 1. 127" outside X 1. Early 4x4 cases used 4 1/2 inch length later 85 up used 2 1/2 inch length. GM 700R4 4 Wheel Drive Transmission Output Shaft $ 54. Turbo-Hydramatic or Turbo Hydra-Matic is the registered tradename for a family of automatic All THM400 units had a 32 spline output shaft with the exception of the . In many cases, the transmission you’re swapping in for a TH350 or TH400 will have a longer tailshaft than the OE unit thus requiring the services of a competent driveshaft shop to shorten (and rebalance) it the appropriate (3 inches or less) amount. 885" Fits GM TH400, 4L80E Trans & Transfer Cases; Fits 1330 Series U-Joint w/ 1. There are numerous actions you could require to ready on your own and your financial account for this large acquisition. 64-98 1 TH400. For use with any of Reid's 7 bellhousings. Center and support the Input Sun Gear from its pitch diameter to the ½ diameter that goes into the bushing on the output shaft ; Center and support the Output Sun Gear (flange gear) via the “wedding band”. 77 Thrust Washer, Output Shaft to Case. Step 6. We show you how to measure for the correct-length driveshaft (and more) for your engine with help from the guys at Denny's Driveshafts. Fits TH400 transmissions factory installed in Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac. 25 inches. 5”, 8”. i. The pump stator in the TH400 forms the rear half of the front pump assembly. 886″g. So how is it possible to have a 27 spline TH400,does somebody make a shaft for this or does the TH350 These Turbo 400, Forged 4340, 1 piece output shafts are brand-new replacements and come with extra-long splines and markings so they can be cut to Powerglide length all the way down to the shortest 4x4 length. corvette, th400 style 32 spline transmission slip yoke. Look at the splines on the output shaft, they are angled so when they transmit high ammounts of tq load they cause the slip yoke to expand, this is your problem and its not just in T400's. New and unused. 23, 3. Undercuts behind the splines are eliminated, resulting in increased spline length and diameter, increasing spline engagement at the clutch housing interface over 35%. 91. 4l80e 2wd Tail Housing Output Shaft 1991-1996 Mt1 Transmission Gm Rebuilt Gm Th400 Turbo 400 Long Tailshaft Housing 2wd Tail 8626142 Large Diameter Yoke TH400, 4L80-E, Also fits BorgWarner T-10 & Muncie Sonnax performance forged slip yoke T3-3-2431CBHP for 1350 series u-joints is designed specifically for transmission output shafts which are threaded on the output end. Th400 Yoke The car dealership is among minority staying individuals in America that you still have to regularly haggle with. How to use with 203/205 doubler: Use stock 4WD adapter. inch smaller in diameter than the TH400 torque converter (12" vs 13"), and you'll have I have a 1982 Winnebago Brave RV, built on a Chevy P-30 chassis. Most TH400 are 1" longer than above, and have a 32 spline output shaft. Which companies in the industry are capable of making input shafts properly? Who has the hobs, shapers and cutters to cut splines? The Novak Guide to the GM TH400 Automatic Transmission. So if we go with this solution we need to settle on what output shaft length to use. I have the chance to get a 700R4 out of a full size '90 Chevy Blazer 4x4 now my question is about the tail shaft. Here is a pic with the transfer case slid all the way onto the output shaft. Please try again later. Not only does Gm Chevy Th400 Transmission Threaded Output Shaft For Bolt On Yoke 32 Spline. 1 0 . Our stage 3 TH400 package includes a TH400 built by Transmission specialties. * Combine this shaft with a TCS Aluminum Rear Drum - Part #223900A and the TC Aluminum Front Drum with a precision machined 300 Maraging Input Shaft-Part #223600A TURBO 400 PERFORMANCE PARTS the spline count on a TH400 is certainly 32 nuless its output shaft has been changed. Internally the clutch packs originally had fewer friction plates. The output shaft looked small to me but I loaded it up anyway. 062" Diameter Caps 46627 TH400 350 Transmission front stator bushing 1964-on 1. RWD 3 SPEED. Now that it's home and I've had a better chance to look it over it has a 27 spline output. 52-7001. Designed to fit either the Powerglide or TH400 splines, these shafts are from its pitch diameter to the ½ diameter that goes into the bushing on the output shaft  There are 3 different output shafts for 4L80E transmissions, all 32 spline: TH400/NP205 adapter that matches the NP205 bolt pattern, index diameter needs to  >1. The rear section which includes both planetary units and the sprag and roller clutches is positioned by the intermediate clutch hardware, which is locked into the case by the snap ring I was referring to earlier in this post. The TH400 has a case length of 24. So I would be swapping the 32 spline 4L80E shaft into the TH400 for the 10 spline Quadra-Trac shaft. All weights are without converter and dry with stock components. Rossler Custom made billet gear sets your choice of ratios. Choose Options. *Not applicable with truck type transmission with tapped input shaft and  TIMKEN 9449 REAR Output Seal TH-400 1964-1979 with 32 Spline output This seal is designed for original slip yoke with 1. 26 Linkage Seal REMOVER / INSTALLER OUTPUT SHAFT, 9" (TH400) (threaded bolt on yoke type) (USED) img#678 Item #U34678E B&M Racing Street/Strip T400 Automatic transmission for Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac applications with large diameter bushing for use with large 1. Stick the output shaft in the case with the appropriate washers for proper depth, look through the speedo driven gear hole and you will see a shiny spot where the driven gear has hit a few times in its travels which should be very close to centered in the bore. 00 Add to cart; 38511-01K SHAFT, 4L80E / TH400 MANUAL LEVER SHORT (4. The issue is what length output shaft we use. It is known as the heavy duty version of the TH350. 84 1. This is the same ratio as a 4R70W transmission. 1: 5-speed manual transmission output shaft seal replacement. As far as the output shaft, what I want to do is change the 32 spline output shaft out of the 4L80E and put it in the TH400 that is connected to my Quadra-Trac so that I can use the NP205 that came behind the 4L80E behind my TH400. The overall length is 24-1/4" long. . This particular transfer case is already equipped with the proper input gear and bearing, so no machining is required. TH400 2wd to 4wd Conversion. 86 / 1. This feature is not available right now. Starting at $4,500 changing tail shafts (TH350) transmission from short to long: How do you change the tail shafts from long to short on a th350 chev transmission. $ 132. These are the modifications required: 1. The Turbo-spline shaft allows installation of a Turbo 350/400 converter in your Powerglide. Either the output in the transmission can be changed to 23 splines which in my opinion is a downgrade or the input in the transfer case can be changed to 32 spline to match the 400. 73 and 4. 00 Add to cart how to tap an output shaft th400 on a metal lathe. Then simply ensure that you have the proper tire diameter and gear ratio (1999 and newer calibrations) or tire gear ratio (1997-1998 calibrations). 885 inch diameter seal surface. Chevrolet Transmission Ratios. Your transmission includes several sets of seals and gaskets to keep transmission fluid inside. Custom length output shaft and tail housing (Power Glide length) available for and additional cost. Special design “Rossler Exclusive” 300M billet output shaft. With a 1800 stall converter, the actual flash speed would be 1200, so 3600 rpm on the output shaft of the engine would mean 2400 rpm (3600-1200) after the converter. 70 4L80E 1. This kit is extremely simple to install and you can even do it with the Dana 20 still in the vehicle!!!! Automatic 3-Speed TH-350 2″ Tailhousing (1. JPC- S197 TH400 Swap Package (Stage 3) For those racers who want a three spreed rated to 1400HP. 660″ OVERALL LENGTH) $ 30. Quantity in Basket: none. You may need to remove your tailhousing to determine how many drive teeth your transmission has. 25 wide 4l80e 99-up front servo piston has . NP208 to NP241 Swap with Pictures. The factory output shaft has a spline count of 32 spline and had various output lengths. Because of this, the driveshaft length for the big block and TH400 combination is the same length as the L6 and SBC engines. Hughes Performance 1. 00 Add to cart STOCK SM465 2WD OUTPUT SHAFT 35 SPLINE $ 116. 990″ Material: Bronze Bushing Style: Precision The OE case bushing in vehicles with a THM-400 or 4L80-E transmission tends to walk out of the housing bore. Automatic 4-Speed BW 4401 2 1/2″ Tailhousing Diesel – 4L80E w/fixed yoke. The 4L80E is very close to the same length as a 4L60E. Clockwise rotation of the rear internal gear turns the rear pinions clockwise against the stationary sun gear. TH350 Dimensions. 375”. The Sonnax yoke features a 1/2" counter bore to convert these shafts from a bolt-on style to a slip-style yoke. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Turbo 400 Th400 Tail Shaft Extension Housing 9 1/2" Long at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! - Ford drive gears are machined into the output shaft on C3/C4/C5/C6 & AOD transmissions. Canada V2Y 1N7 Toll Free: 1-800-960-1177 Th400 Yoke The car dealership is among minority staying individuals in America that you still have to regularly haggle with. I disassemble the rear output shaft from the output ring gear and clean and inspect the planets. Use with engines producing up to 750 foot pounds of torque in vehicles weighing up to 4000 pounds. 2L GM diesel mated to a TH400 transmission. The 27-spline output shafts have the same diameter and spline as the output shafts used on many GM automatic transmissions; however, the yokes are not always the same length. larger in diameter, and required no adapter (one less item to cause problems). 8083817278 dougie or this email is fine as well. 5" stickout. Eckler's Premier Quality Products 57175515 Chevy Driveshaft Yoke For Use With Turbo HydraMatic (TH400) Automatic Transmission Or Manual Transmission Find Powerhouse Products Transmission Tailshaft Plugs POW301230 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These Powerhouse Products transmission tailshaft plugs are designed to keep dirt, dust, and other particles out of your transmission when the tailshaft is exposed, while keeping the transmission oil in to prevent spills. DescriptionWe Must Know Whether the Output Shaft is Drilled and Tapped for a  This is a TH400 output shaft with a TH350 27 tooth spline count to be used with the above TH350 to TH400 swap adapter. 26. 5 inch longer, or 28. 995 inches. The bushing has an OD of 1. sku# 3303-32. 50 Inch. 700R4 / 4L60E with PATC close ratio gear set. output shaft on the TH400 is larger in diameter than the 700R4. It is best to adjust rear endplay on the tight side. Enter in the Tire Diameter, the driven gear that is on the output shaft of the transmission, and the axle ratio of the differential. There is typically one at the input shaft to seal the torque converter. 4 Stick Out)-Advance AdaptersGM Turbo Hydramatic 400 (TH400) 3 Speed Automatic Transmission 4 Wheel Drive, 32 Spline  The BOP th350 (and all TH400 and 700-r4) use a large gear housing, that's about two inches OD. Now you need to get the output shaft from a 2wd 4L80E. Denny's Driveshafts Slip yokes for General Motors automatic and manual transmissions in in 1310 1330 1350 and 3R series for 27 and 32 spline Powerglide T-350 T-400 Muncie Borg Warner 4L80 4L60 700R 200R M20 M21 M22 T-5 T-10 T-56 chrome moly and forged for high performance street and race car Find Automatic Transmission Input Shafts with TH400 Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! * This TH400 Intermediate shaft is a "bolt-in" product made from 300 Maraging St and has been designed for High Horsepower and Off-Road use. THW12 609G Output Shaft to Case (4 Tang) (Metal) TURBO HYDRAMATIC 400 (3L80, M-40) 3 SPEED RWD HARD PARTS Our new plan was to use the factory TH400-to-NP203 output shaft in the tranny so that the Doubler would bolt right in. New designed aero space ring less input shaft designed to be used with or with out a trans cooler < > Once you input the proper value in the calibration, the speedo should work right. For those racers who want a three spreed rated to 1400HP. Find TCI PRO-X TH400 Aluminum Tailhousings 226405 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These TCI PRO-X TH400 aluminum tailhousings feature light weight and improved strength, while using a tailshaft roller bearing rather than the factory bushing for superior lubrication and durability. To quickly find your slip yoke, use the filters below for transmission model, spline count and more. Shaft Dia. This plug will seal the tail shaft of the listed transmissions and prevent fluid from dripping out and stop anything from getting in. we have a 93 f350 ford c6 4wd trans and want run it only as a two wd what parts do we need, like output shaft and tailhousing. 1" adapter TH400 to NP208 = 2 1/2" TH400 to NP205 = 4 1/2" All indications are this OD unit is for a 4WD. This is the factory output shaft for all TH400/NP208 and TH400/NP241 systems as well as TH400/NP205 systems from ’85-90. 76 Output Shaft. The kit utilizes the stock 32 spline GM 4WD NV4500 output shaft. TH400 Steel Forward Drum & Input Shaft Product #223600B The Turbo 400 Billet Steel Forward Drum and Heavy Duty Input Shaft is made for high horsepower and high torque drag racing and motorsport applications. Price : $3,095. 40, 1. 273 DIAMETER SHAFT GM Cadillac 4L80E 4L85E Transmission Parts: 4L80, BAND FRONT 1. TH400 dimensions. Shop with confidence. Although not your problem to fix, it would give you a good indication where the problem lay - shaft diameter oversize / splines not cut deep enough / spline width incorrect. The output shaft (Part #406027) will accept standard speedometer gears, has a bushing, but does not have provisions for an OEM governor. 375″ output shaft diameter / 32  23 Dec 2014 The driveshaft is an often overlooked, yet critically important component of a . In which case the yoke would be the same as a TH400. 360 1. If the application you are using is not shown above, give us a call at (800) 800-0109. 06 1. 253 DIAMETER SHAFT GM Chevrolet Chevy 4L80E 4L85E Transmission Parts 4L80, BAND REAR 400 LATE DESIGN HIGH ENERGY LINING BORG WARNER GM Chevrolet Chevy 4L80E 4L85E Transmission Parts The picture shows the output shaft, what is called the drive gear has already been removed. 4l80e 2wd Tail Housing Output Shaft 1991-1996 Mt1 Transmission Gm Rebuilt Gm Th400 Turbo 400 Long Tailshaft Housing 2wd Tail 8626142 Large Diameter Yoke The TH400 was equipped with a female 32 spline input, while the SM465 retained the male 10 spline input. 375"Seal Diameter: 1. 43 3. Drive gears are generally specific to the trans model. With the retainer depressed, slide the speedometer drive gear off the output shaft. The Turbo 400 was placed in many cars across GM as well as other car manufacturers during its long production life. Now, I just have to determine for which one. The drum is then center-bolted into the end of the output shaft. Low Gear. = APPROX OUTER BORE GROUND HUB DIAMETER “SEAL 1330 SERIES – CORVETTE, TH400 SHORT TAIL 32 SPLINE GM STYLE SLIP  Transmission Type: GM Turbo 400*, Muncie M22, 71-74 HD, Muncie 4spd, Diameter: 1. The best 2wd case to use is one that has the bosses for the bolt on torque convertor cover but they were never drilled and tapped. As for the length of the output shaft on a 400 built for a NP208 - I can't say. 2 The output yoke will nee to be replaced to the one for the TH400 the TH350 output yoke is different size. 378 diameter 31 . Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. this means that dimension "C" is usually longer than dimension "B". Plus they advised putting a kit in it while the TH400 is apart. The pinion angle changes so you must shim the rear end pinion down with traction bar shims 4 degrees will do it. So, we've put together a handy chart with all of the relevant measurements to help you determine which yoke is best for your transmission or transfer case. hi monster guys,alohas. Find our best fitting transmission seals for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! C6 4x4 Output Shaft Measurements 700R4 Input Shaft Spline Count TH350 4x4 Output Shaft Measurement TH400 4x4 Output Shaft Measurement Ford Transmission Installation Instructions 700R4 Speedometer Gear Types Speedometer Gear Calculator 4L60E Identification, What type of 4L60E do you have? Before sending the shaft back, I would check the fit on the TH400 output shaft and run a vernier/micrometer over the splines to the LT230. In most cases we will know what yokes fit your transmission. APG-28154SBS). 6g (0. All the required adapters and everything else you need! S/10 NV3500 has the same output shaft as a TH350 UNLESS you have a fullsize truck nv3500. My gearvendors uses a turbo 400 styled tailshaft housing - it may be an OEM GM part or just patterned after one. 10 / 1. diameter of the front shaft is 29mm with 21 splines. The 400 leaves quite a bit unused. Ford AS1-T10 Output Shaft 23015807 Output Carrier . The material starts at 3 1/2" and there is a 1/8" locating diameter going into the tranny. OUTPUT SHAFT, 9" (TH400) (threaded bolt on yoke type) (USED) img#678 Item #U34678E The output shaft also locates the planetary output carrier through the square-cut lugs in the outer shell of the housing. 30 Available with Standard 2WD Output or Custom Length Output for an Underdrive, Billet 300M Output Shaft Available, ATD Forward Pattern Valvebody Available, Available in Heavy Duty Core Case / Brand New Chevy HD Case / Reid Racing Super Hydra 400 Aftermarket SFI Case (shown). 48, 1. 00 2. A Sonnax slip yoke is NEVER the weak link in your driveline. tires true diameter in relation to determining what speedometer gears you need,  Buick Olds th400 or th425 (front drive) or dual pattern case th350 of is part of the automatic Options • Custom axle shafts to 1 inch diameter maximum • Wheel flanges A couple 21 final drive is used get RH support bracket and output shaft. Easy How To Replace Automatic Transmission Extension Housing Tailshaft Bush Bushing & Seal ; DIY Replace Automatic Transmission Extension Housing Bush & Seal #TransmissionLeak #TransmissionTools # B&M Racing Street/Strip T400 Automatic transmission for Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac applications with large diameter bushing for use with large 1. several various lengths of output shafts that these transmissions have been equipped with, and you will need the standard 4WD output shaft that protrudes 2-1/2" beyond the main case. It has a 6. 5" diameter with splines that are driven by the center of the direct drum. 06mm (0. Sonnax performance forged slip yoke T3-3-2431CBHP for 1350 series u-joints is designed specifically for transmission output shafts which are threaded on the output end. You could use a shaft out of a truck or car if the u-joint size is the same as the camaro. S10, 5. Forged 4340 chromoly; Through-hardened, tempered barrel Hardened 300M Billet Output Shaft (Available in Standard 2WD Output or Custom Length Output for an Underdrive), ATD Billet Aluminum Reverse Manual Valvebody, Heavy Duty 34 Element Borg Warner Sprag, 2. These model transfer cases had a figure-eight front bolt pattern. Performance Transmission Products. Gm Th400 Turbo 400 Long Tailshaft Housing 2wd Tail 8626142 Large Diameter Yoke. 030 2. I found some pics he sent me through email, yes the shaft is too long, even with the extra thickness he was going to have to cut the shaft down 3/8" and maybe up to 7/16". th400 output shaft diameter

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