Author – Duckett Delivered Series

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Kim Lemen has deep familial roots in the South. A military brat, she attended four elementary schools, two junior highs, and three high schools. In 1968, she was enrolled at Burkburnett Junior High in Burkburnett Texas, a small town on the border of Oklahoma. By mid-May, Spring fever had infected the semi-comatose student body and each interminable day unrolled as a repeat performance of the day before. The daily tornado drills were so predictable that students began to wish for an actual tornado. Kim spent an interminable hour every afternoon in her Texas History class, listening to sounds wafting through the large, open windows of the brick building that had been constructed from Red River clay during the oil boom in the early 1900s. Every day, halfway through the class period, she heard a tribe of seniors on lunch break from Burkburnett High pull their trucks into to the parking lot of the burger joint across the street. One of them inevitably cranked up his radio for the same song that played at the same time every single cotton-picking day. Jeanie C. Riley’s twangy rendition of Harper Valley PTA lent an anachronistic texture to the usual mind-numbing lecture on the structure of the Texas legislature, or some such topic so terribly relevant to the lives of thirteen-year-olds. One day in the middle of Ms. Riley’s musical narrative on small town hypocrisy, Kim realized that she was a natural born satirist.

Kim Lemen holds a master’s Degree in Public Affairs from The University of Texas. She worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and now lives in North Georgia with her husband, three dogs, a self-plucking parrot, and various visitants. “Duckett Delivered I, Where’s Elvis?” is her first novel.